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The Medical Assistant plays an important role as a member of the Healthcare team in a physician's office or clinic. Theory and practical application in the fundamentals of medical diagnostic and laboratory techniques are taught. Medical Assistant students are introduced to the anatomy and physiology of the body systems. In addition, students are engaged in "hands-on" training with regard to Veni-puncture, injections, urinalysis, electrocardiography, measurement of vital signs, and preparation for physical and specialty exams. Students are taught basic medical office administrative procedures. The graduates are equipped with skills and knowledge necessary to meet the requirements of an entry-level Medical Assistant. This program provides the background which enables a student to assume a responsible entry level position as a Medical Assistant. Required laboratory skills and administrative procedures are taught for use in a physician's office or clinic. Graduates of the program receive a National Certificate in preparation for such entry-level positions as: Clinical Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist and EKG technician, by providing an up-to-date education on the most current medical equipments.

Mercer Med Tech

Mercer Med Tech (MMT) is the educational provider on Allied Health Sciences (AHS). Its rich market niche, characterized by corporate clients with large budgets, significant training needs and receptiveness to new technology, include Healthcare Providers, Academic institutions, Hospitals and Alternative Health Industries. Modern technology has made possible to gather and present this information economically and efficiently and MMT is leading the effort to marry technology and information dissemination through three strategic technology alliances which allow to register, enroll, teach, test, grade and certify distance learners in a seamless fashion. MMT is focusing its resources in the Allied Health Science learning business. According to the US Labor Department allied health sciences staff will be in great demand with average growth of 22% in next ten years, as the baby boomers size increase.


  • CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT* - CNA (CIP-51 3902) - 90 hours

    The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program, provides basic understanding and skills required for nursing assistants working in nursing homes, hospitals, medical clinics, home care agencies, and more. The CNA training program from Mercer Med Tech includes lecture and hands on practice all within a caring and supportive learning environment. All sections include 50 hours lecture/lab and 40 hours clinical experience in a skilled nursing facility for a total of 90 hours. After completion of the program, the student will take a skill exam at our school and a written exam administered by the Department of Health at a local PSI Testing Center.
    *Availability is subject to minimum 20 students.

  • CERTIFIED MEDICAL ASSISTANT- CMA (CIP-51 0801) - 480 hours

    In medical assistant course the students are taught about the clinical and administrative work in physician’s office or hospitals. The program usually lasts for 8-12 months. Course covers anatomy, physiology, medical terminology; record keeping, accounting insurance processing as well as typing .Students learn laboratory techniques, clinical and diagnostic procedures, pharmaceutical principles, first aid. They study office practices, patient relations, medical law and ethics. They are trained to take medical history and recording vital signs, explaining treatment procedures to patients, preparing patient for examination. Sterilization of instruments, drawing blood for lab tests, prepare for x- rays, take electrocardiograms, remove sutures and change dressings are also taught. This program also includes externship in physician’s office hospitals, or other health care facilities. After completing the course they are certified and have good opportunity to get jobs. They earn annually $20,000-$30,000.The lowest is $18,800. The pre request for this course is High school diploma or its equivalent. It is the fastest growing occupation, particularly those with formal training or experience and certification. The instructor provides hand outs, training in medical office. And give lectures concerned with the topics. Medical assistants may advance to other occupations through experience or additional training for example, to become nurses other health care workers and office managers. After completion of the program, the student will have the choice to take the exam from the National Healthcare Association (NHA) online or MedCa certification in person. Both are approved by the Department of Labor and accepted by all employers as a Medical Assistant Certification.

  • PHLEBOTOMY/PHLEBOTOMIST (CIP-51 1009) - 120 hours

    Phlebotomy course covers essential practices and procedures for phlebotomist. The students are taught universal precautions and principles of infection control, patient’s rights, education, positioning and safety. Instruction covers capillary sticks, skin puncture, and preparing lab studies, butterfly techniques and multiple tube drawings. The main course covers anatomy related to phlebotomy, medical terminology, body systems, equipments required for venipuncture, procedure transportation of specimens, medical law and ethics, confidentiality of patients record, skin puncture and arterial blood draw for blood gases. Knowledge of different departments where the specimens are sent is also given. After completion of this course they are certified. There are good chances of getting jobs in labs, blood bank, doctor’s office and other health facilities. The instructor explains each chapter with illustrated charts and gives hand out notes, gives on hand training in doctor’s office in venipuncture, labeling packing the specimen with patient’s demographic and billing informations. After completion of the course the student will successfully perform venipuncture and obtain lab samples for testing as directed by a physician. Certified phlebotomists have good opportunity for the jobs and they earn 30,000 to 50,000 annually. There is a great demand for this in health care departments. After completion of the program, the student will have the choice to take the exam from the National Healthcare Association (NHA) online or MedCa certification in person.


    The duration of the course is 6 weeks. The course covers Anatomy, physiology of cardiovascular system and circulation of blood through the heart and lungs, medical terminology, EKG graph, EKG machine, cardiac diseases, pharmacology of cardiac diseases, surgical treatment procedures and artifacts Technical performance of EKG are taught and practiced in detail along with patient’s rights, education and safety. EKG leads placement and 12 leads, 3 channel EKG instructions is given both in theory and practice. After completion of the course they are certified and have good opportunity to get jobs in doctor’s office, hospitals, and other health facilities. They earn annually $30,000to $50,000.They can upgrade through their experience and CE .The instructor teaches through lectures, hand out notes, on hand practice in doctor’s office. This also includes externship of 100 hrs. After completion of the program, the student will have the choice to take the exam from the National Healthcare Association (NHA) online or MedCa certification in person.


MMT does not award grants or scholarships at this time. We do honor grants and scholarships that our students have been awarded from outside organizations. We may assist our students with obtaining student loans.

Note: Students who have obtained a school assisted loan and withdraw from the school or have had their enrollment terminated must notify the loan institution of their withdrawal. Mercer Med Tech, Inc will reimburse the loan institution for balances due in accordance with the school’s refund policy. The student will be responsible for any balances due on the student loan. Students are responsible for repaying their loan for received instruction.

It should be noted that student loans with the bank must be satisfied regardless of the success or lack of success at Mercer Med Tech, Inc. When a student is given a loan he or she signs a promissory note with the bank. This loan is the same as any other loan and the student has full responsibility for managing the loan and its repayment.


  • Shazia Qazi:

    Program Director

    Shazia Qazi is a well experienced medical assistant who has graduated from National Health Association in the US. She has extensive experience working in a medical office, with insurance companies and dealing with billing and coding. Her devoted work for many charitable camps and clinics reflects her cooperative and helping nature. She has worked across the continents of Asia and Middle East for nonprofit organizations and has arranged many charitable activities. She has a passion for teaching and makes the students perfect in their practical life.

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New Jersey Department of Health

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Department of Labor Opportunity Partnership Grant

New Jersey Board of Nursing

National Healthcare Association

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MedCA Certifications

The Institute of West London - Islamabad

The Institute of West London - Islamabad serves as a valuable partner in offering the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) certification program in collaboration with Mercer Med Tech and the Central Institute for Skill Development (CISD). This esteemed institute provides a conducive learning environment and facilitates the delivery of comprehensive training in medical assisting practices, ensuring that healthcare professionals in Pakistan receive top-notch education and preparation for their careers. With the Institute of West London's involvement, aspiring CMAs have access to quality education and certification that opens doors to fulfilling employment opportunities and professional advancement in the healthcare sector.

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